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Dear Readers,

After a wonderful and fulfilling 9-plus years, the time has come to say adieu! I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting many outstanding people and attending various cultural, civic and service-oriented events during my years doing Socially Speaking. Thank you for following the column both in print and online – it has been enjoyable and memorable to have shared this fascinating journey with all of you.

On a slightly more serious note, I would like to leave you with some thoughts about the meaning that this column has had for me. Poet John Donne once said that “No man is an Island …” and this will always be a facet of society and people in general. While it may seem to some that our focus and events are less than “earthshaking,” consider the fact that we live in a world that is too often filled with strife and controversy on almost every imaginable subject. It has been an honor to be part of a community and a movement to uphold and maintain the social niceties and civilities that often seem to have gone the way of the buffalo. As you well know, many of the events have both celebrated leaders and provided resources needed throughout our community.

From globetrotters to philanthropists to fashionistas to community gardeners and book clubbers: you have all made a choice and a commitment to recognize and celebrate the beauty and creativity in so many areas of life! This is a gift – not only in terms of your own capacities, but in terms of what you offer to our society – both big and small.

A special thank you to my husband, Alan, who has attended and photographed many events with me. His unwavering support is a true example of love. Also a special thank you to all my favorite photographers who have shared photos with me over the years — Country Park Portraits, Debi Beauregard, Sandy Buller and Oscar Wild, and all the others who have sent their pictures to me.

In case you might be fearful about the column or your interests being put on the back burner, don’t fret! Socially Speaking will continue without a hitch or a lull. I’m passing the torch to Jennifer Pierce. She is up to speed and ready to meet and listen to you. She will continue to be out in the community at galas, parties and fundraisers. When you see her at events, please introduce yourself. And continue to send your event information to her at the same email address,

Since this is my fina] column, I decided to do something special that I hope will also be meaningful to you. I went back through the past nine-and-a-half years and chose some of my favorite photos and memories. I most sincerely hope that this visual trip over the past decade will bring thoughts of happiness, a bit of sadness about those who are no longer with us, and a sense of pride in your community involvement and sense of joy. And never goodbye, but au revoir — and a salute to you all!

Lori Gunn


Lori’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-1-3 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-4-9

1) June 2007 – Camryn Davis shows off her lady bug face painting. The VFW provided face painting, post cards to the troops and snacks prior to their Magic Show. A good time was had by all!

2) July 2007 – Linda Nichols, Chaille and Bob Voekel at a Katy Heritage Society event honoring the Mayor.

3) September 2007 – Katy ISD Trustee Jackie Birkel, Emmett Rhodes and Elizabeth Clark at a Katy Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.

4) December 2007 – Jeff Smith, Newell Cheatham, Kelly Gaines and Brownie Shott enjoy the Katy Chamber after Hours held at Nikko Sushi and Saki Lounge.

5) April 2008 – Sandy Smith and Alan Smith at the 2008 Rodeo Uncorked Roundup and Best Bites Competition held at the Astrodome.

6) July 2007 – Dr. Merrell and his wife, Linda, are pictured with friends and community members Gary and Georgina Meyer.

7) May 2008 – Stan and Patsy Stanley at the Denim and Diamonds on the Ranch fundraiser hosted by the Cinco Ranch Ladies Club.

8) September 2008 – John Graves, Ida Franklin and Sam Schultze pose with the Hooters girls at Katy Chamber After Hours hosted by Country Park Portraits and Venus Construction at Hooters.

9) November 2008 – Warren Sneedon, Ginger and Ron Cook, Cathy Sneedon, Kyle and Katharine Cook celebrating Warren’s 40th birthday.


Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-10-15 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-16-17 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-18-20

10) December 2008 – Joyce Sass, Susan Smith and Helen Eriksen at KCM’s Silent Witness Breakfast at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch.

11) January 2009 – Bob Voelkel, Alan Gunn and Will Adams at Hasta La Pasta Wine Dinner.

12) March 2009 – Marlene White and Lori Etchison at the Katy Texas Christian Women’s Connection luncheon.

13) March 2009 – Mayor Don Elder with Cindy and State Rep. John Zerwas at the Katy Chamber of Commerce Gala.

14) April 2009 – Bonnie and Mandy Green at Hasta La Pasta Wine Dinner.

15) May 2009 – Krewe of Katy’s Queen Evangeline the 14th, Peggy Premeaux, and King Gabriel the 14th, Jimmie Cormier.

16) May 2009 – Katherine and Rudy Ammer at Ties and Tiaras.

17) June 2009 – Mindy and Crista Adams at the 11th Annual Celebrity Waiter Dinner.

18) July 2009 – Chris Crockett, Robert Shaw and Rebecca Fox at Katy Day in Austin.

19) September 2009 – Susan Bode holding the trophy plate for The Arc of Katy’s Annual Golf Tournament.

20) November 2009 – Gene Gerritzen was also a winner in the Katy Chamber Rice Harvest Festival Photography Contest.


Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-21-23 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-24-29

21) November 2009 – Debi Beauregard and Kathie Gerritzen at the Rice Harvest Festival Photography Contest reception.

22) December 2009 – Walt Sass and Carolyn Chandler at the KCM Annual Golf Tournament.

23) December 2009 – Stan and Patsy Stanley, Ed Vickery and Kavin and Downy Vickery at the Stan Stanley Elementary School dedication.

24) February 2010 – Tracy and Ken Janda at the Tradition Bank annual Holiday Party.

25) March 2010 – Dana and Randy Mersiovsky at the Southwestern Branch of the American Red Cross Super Ball VIII.

26) April 2010 – Terri and Scott Bieber at Ties and Tiaras.

27) April 2010 – (front row) Janine Godwin and Hilary Sellers; (back row) Holly and Terri Bieber at the Bayou Belles Mardi Gras Ball.

28) May 2010 – Fatima and Brett Donaldson at the 2010 Rodeo Uncorked Roundup and Best Bites Competition.

29) June 2010 – Ann and Bob Hodge at a reception for Glenn Hegar.


Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-30-32 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-33 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-34 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-35-36

30) November 2010 – Sibyl Westenhaver and Helen Chapman at Home Delivered Meals Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

31) January 2011 – Hill Adams and George Purvis at the annual M.K.T. Mortgage/Katy Chamber golf tournament.

32) October 2011 – Steve Pierson, Nevelynn Melendy, Pat Wilson and Nancy Chesbro at the ground-breaking ceremony of the new senior citizens center.

33) December 2011 – Allison and Darrin Loesch at the Rice Harvest Festival Rice Cooking Contest.

34) January 2012 – Jessica and Michael Jones at CHADMOD event.

35) December 2012 – Evelyn Walsh, Marjorie Gorden, Margie Darling at the 30th Anniversary Young At Heart Luncheon.

36) December 2012 – Jackie Alfonso, Norma Moore at the 30th Anniversary Young At Heart Luncheon.


Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-37-43 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-44 Lori's-Trip-down-Memory-Lane-45-47

37) February 2013 – Breann Worthy, Chelsea Gunn and Sue Lane at a holiday party.

38) February 2014 – Amy and Austin Richards at his 30th birthday bash.

39) April 2014 – Woody and Cathy Mann at the Katy Chamber Gala.

40) June 2014 – Bob Bryant at the KISD Education Foundation Jazz with a Latin Flair fundraiser.

41) March 2014 – Nelda and Craig Brooks at the Katy Chamber Gala.

42) April 2015 – Donna and Gary Johnson at the Katy Krewe Coronation Ball.

43) November 2012 – Nikki and Ryan Donaldson at the Katy Chamber Gala.

44) April 2010 – Alton and Anessa Frailey with Glenn Hegar at the Katy Chamber Gala.

45) April 2010 – Beth Nightingale and Brownie Shott at the Katy Chamber Gala.

46) October 2009 – Hill and Carol Adams at Hasta La Pasta Wine Dinner.

47) June 2015 – Carly and Mary Oppermann at a baby shower for Chelsea Gunn.



Socially Speaking with Lori Gunn, September 2016


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