Socially Speaking with Lori Gunn, March 2016

| March 1, 2016




Back To The ‘80s

Alan and Lori Gunn celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a “Back to the ‘80s” theme. They enjoyed family and friends from their 30 years of marriage!

Photos by Debi Beauregard

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1) Scott and Sue Lane

2) Bob and Chaille Voelkel

3) Jen and John Parella

4) Mo and Steven Carter

5) Samantha Mortimer

6) Mary and Karl Oppermann

7) Julie Worley and Chelsea Gunn

8) Jeanie Kapp and Breann Worthy

9) Ashley and Chris Freeman


Arc New Year’s Celebration

The ARC guys and gals rang in the New Year at a special dance. Everyone met up at the YMCA and danced to the tunes by DJ Rhonda. They were joined by the NCL Stars who brought wonderful sweets and treats and shared in making fun memories.

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1) Veronica Gutierrez, Bridgot King, Victoria Hernandez

2) Helene Parnell and Carol Devine

3) Mark Pantermeuhl, Carla Mayeaux and Brandon Sieck. Jerome Hopkins is in the background.

4) Layla Gutierrez and Austin Hanson

5) Ryan Higgins, Caitlin Devine, Gabriel Santiago and Rich Purcell

6) Jeanne Ann Combrink, Cindy Sieck and Kay Lathrop

7) Mike Wall and Adrianna Roberts

8) Megan Fast and Christie Michel

9) Eddie Hall and Jeanne King



Acadian Hollywood – Krewe 2016

The Krewe of Katy celebrated its 21st Coronation Ball on Saturday, Jan. 30 in the Magnolia Ballroom of Safari Texas located in Richmond. It was a packed Ballroom as we introduced our 2016 Royal Court with a themed Pageantry entitled “Acadian Hollywood.” Our newly crowned Rulers, King Gabriel XXI and Queen Evangeline XXI, were entertained by special appearances from John Wayneaux and Marilyn Monrue, Burt Reyneaux and Dolly Par-tin, JR and Suuu-Ellyon Ewing and William Jefferson Clee-ton and Julia Claree Roberts. Leading the evenings performances was our Hollywood Producer and his two lovely Directors and ending with Special Entertainment by “ABBA Revived.” After the Pageantry guests enjoyed a gourmet buffet and danced the night away to the music of “Backbeat”!

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1) Front Floor: Kaptains – Susan Broussard, Taylor Stringer and Darla Bergeron;       Middle Row – Dana Sarles, Denise Lyons, Queen- Janie Spies, King- Henry Keith, Allison Wall and Baron Lopez; (back row) – Brian Sullivan, Blake Morgan, Erika Huffman, Ed Haar, Karen and Bodley Thornton

2) King Gabriel XXI – Henry Keith and Queen Evangeline XXI – Janie Spies

3) “ABBA Revived” – John and Karen Morgan, Karen and Bodley Thornton

4) Bodley Thornton – Special Entertainer;     John and Karen Morgan, Special Entertainer and Founding Members;   Donna White – Past Queen and Founding Member; Pam Sonnier – Past Queen and Founding Member; Kelly and Chris Johnson – Past King and Queen and Founding Members; Nelda and Craig Brooks – Past King and Queen and Founding Members

5) Past Royal Queens (left to right):

Donna Johnson, Donna White, Kelly Johnson, Patty Jacobs, Nelda Brooks and Lynn Punch

6) Past King and Queen – Roy and Patty Jacobs with Kaptain – Susan Broussard and husband, Brent Broussard

7) Past King and Queen – Gary and Donna Johnson

8) Jacob (Queen) Janie, Chuck and Luke Spies

9) Gail and Ed Shipleyl

Socially Speaking with Lori Gunn, March 2016


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