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Photo-Rebecca Zilenziger

Discovery Park Dedication in Brookshire-Katy Draining District

Amidst a rainy backdrop, Discovery Park officially opened and was dedicated to the Brookshire-Katy Drainage District (BKDD) on Saturday, June 4 at 9 a.m. As Waller County’s newest attraction for youth and families, the highly anticipated opening of the Park united close to 200 community members, civic leaders and children. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk and offers a rocket-themed playground, 60-foot by 60-foot pavilion, community garden and soccer field. The Brookshire Youth Foundation (BYF), the organization behind the development and establishment of Discovery Park, presided over the dedication ceremony and thanked the BKDD for their long-term commitment to the park.

Discovery-Park-Dedication-in-Brookshire-Katy-Draining-District1 Discovery-Park-Dedication-in-Brookshire-Katy-Draining-District2 Discovery-Park-Dedication-in-Brookshire-Katy-Draining-District3

1) Members of the Brookshire-Katy Drainage District board of directors and administrators. (L-R): Stan Kitzman, Assistant Superintendent; J.L. Rose,Superintendent; Brian Waggoner, Board Vice President; Pat Keeling, Board Supervisor; and Raymond Dollins, Board President.

2) NASA Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore performs a demonstration with audience members. (L-R): Amanda Bryan, Alzeda Hall and Rex White with 5-year-old Luke Montgomery in the front. (Seated on stage, l-r): Reverend Dottie Dumas, Brookshire Youth Foundation President; Michael Montgomery, Brookshire Youth Foundation Treasurer; and Harris Garrett, original Brookshire Youth Foundation board member.

3) (L-R): Megan Haas, Jennifer Salvato, NASA Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore, Marlene Cogwin and Kim Montgomery.

4) Astronaut-in-training, 1-year-old Collin Henderson.

5) Stan Kitzman, Brookshire-Katy Drainage District Assistant Superintendent, Jim Meader, and Raymond Dollins, Brookshire-Katy Drainage District President.

6) Michael Montgomery and NASA Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore

7) (L-R): Stan Kitzman, Kathryn McAdams Wilson, Cori Vahalik, Jimmy Sanders, Raymond Dollins, Brian Waggoner, J.L. Rose, Dottie Dumas, Michael Montgomery, Collin Henderson, Janet Montgomery, Kaylee Meader, Julie Ormond and Ruby Ormond.

8) Harris Garrett, Samuel “Skip” Henderson and Brandon Stone

9) (L-R): Raymond Dollins, Michael Montgomery, Harris Garrett, Brian Waggoner, Pat Keeling, Jimmy Sanders, J.L. Rose and Stan Kitzman.

10) NASA Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore meets Brookshire City Council Member Eric Green.

11) (Back row, l-r): Matt Vahalik, NASA Astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore, Cori Vahalik and Emily Hillsman. (Front row) The Vahalik children: 7-year-old Evelyn, 5-year-old Karl and 2-year-old Georgia.


July 4 Festivities at LaCenterra

LaCenterra’s 4th of July celebration kicked off Saturday, July 4th at 4:30 p.m. with a Kids Patriotic Bike Parade. The children participated with their decorated, patriotic bikes and met in LaCenterra’s Courtyard and then paraded to Central Green. Prizes were given to the “Most Patriotic Bike.” The main event started at 5:30 p.m. with live music, interactive Kids Zone and food for purchase throughout La Centerra. The event concluded with an extraordinary fireworks display.

Photos by Debi Beauregard.

July-4-Festivities-at-LaCenterra1 July-4-Festivities-at-LaCenterra2 July-4-Festivities-at-LaCenterra3

1) Sophia, Isabella and Jianna Griffiths – Honorable Mention, 4th place

2) Mark DeLeon, KCAM’s Live Painter for the event

3) Downey and Kavin Vickery

4) Audrey Annalise O’Mary and Nathan Sugar, 2nd Place

5) Jesse and Landry Lashbrook, 1st Place

6) Ashley Monroy, The Grand at LaCenterra

7) Nicholas, Rose and Alex Hubbell

8) Willowfork Fire Dept #2 Kevin Walters, Derrick Lens, Kim Herring, Mark Herring, David Scott, Brad Shantie, TJ Warren, Todd Beebe

9) Gary Drahos VFW Post 9182

10) Nancy and Frank Lombard

11) Sonja Drahos, Bill and Joy Clark VFW Post 9182

12) Richard Sanchez, Samantha Romer, Brenda Duane, Albertha Casimere, Weichert Realtors

13) Sunny 99.1’s Mascot and radio personality Dana Tyson with Coleman Celeste

14) Callie Whitbeach, Alexis Zuercher, Nicholas Salazar of Dish Society

15) Nathalie Chevalier and Anna Williamson


Nolan’s Day

The Katy community gathered at No Label Brewery to help raise funds for little Nolan’s medical bills. The fun afternoon was full of live music, food, and drinks. Nolan is a sweet 3-year- old boy in our community who has been battling two types of cancer for more than two years.

Nolan's-Day1 Nolan's-Day2

1) Nolan and Patsy Deringer

2) Scarlet, Ashley Martin, Mallory Barnett

3) Brian Bumpass, Sharon and William Standifird

4) Evan Scheele, Kimberly Falgout

5) Linda Dyer

6) Charlotte Hoffman, Chris Verry and Acadia

7) Tracy Schneider, Lindsey Potter

8) Stacee Sobin, Michelle Braud

9) Allison Clower, Gail Watts, Becca Clower, Ella Flathouse


Socially Speaking with Lori Gunn, August 2016


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