Socially Speaking – Michelle Anderson September 2017

| September 1, 2017

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Birthday Celebration For Community Leader

From the moment Elizabeth Walker and her family moved to Texas from California a few years ago, they wanted to dive in and get involved in their community. Elizabeth wasted no time in meeting new friends by branching out into local community groups. Her contagious enthusiasm mixed with a hard work ethic quickly landed her two leadership roles – President of the Cinco Ranch Ladies Club (2013-15) and shortly thereafter, VP of Programs (2014-15) and President (2016-17) of the Republican Women’s Club of Katy. It’s no surprise that many friends gathered round to celebrate her birthday this July! Happy birthday, Elizabeth – thank you for all you do to make our community a better place!!

Birthday-Celebration-For-Community-Leader1 Birthday-Celebration-For-Community-Leader2 Birthday-Celebration-For-Community-Leader3

1) (L-R): Cheryl Stalinsky; Jennifer Haar; Rebecca Fox, KISD Board of Trustees.

2) (L-R): Larissa Plunto, Elizabeth Walker, Anne Reardon

3) (L-R): Cindy Wingo, Chakilla White

4) (L-R): Elizabeth Walker, Liz Johnson, Lori Ann Belin

5) (Back row, L-R): Jennifer Haar, Michelle Anderson, Kaye Goolsby, Chakilla White, Cheryl Stalinsky, Cindy Wingo (Front row, L-R): Larissa Plunto, Anne Reardon, Rebecca Fox, Elizabeth Walker, Liz Johnson and Lori Ann Belin pose in front of the fun and brightly colored wall at Peli Peli in La Centerra.

6) (Back row, L-R): Lori Ann Belin, Rebecca Fox and Cheryl Stalinsky (Front row, L-R): Kaye Goolsby, Cindy Wingo

Photo credit: Michelle Anderson)


Katy Residents Attend Nasa Ceremonial Event

The Sventiko family from Katy was invited to a private ceremonial NASA event on August 4 at Johnson Space Center, where their friend and NASA mission specialist, Shelley Cazares, would embark on NASA’s HERA XIV mission. HERA missions are a simulated analog of a space exploration mission in which they will make contact with a simulated asteroid, collect samples and the “return” to earth. They will be sealed in a three-story habitat for 45 days but the real mission would take 750 days. Everything is identical to space exploration (with the exception of weightlessness) including monitoring of vitals, sleep and exercise routines, emergency simulations, and communication delays. Crew members have attended an intense two-week training in preparation of the HERA mission and will undergo a full debrief and medical exam at mission completion. What an exciting event to witness as crew members entered their capsule and later sealed up for mission!

Katy-Residents-Attend-NASA-Ceremonial-Event1 Katy-Residents-Attend-NASA-Ceremonial-Event2

1) Cami Sventiko with her daughter Ainsley and son Seth in front of the HERA capsule.

2) Ainsley Sventiko, Cami Sventiko, Shelley Cazares, Seth Sventiko and Len Sventiko

3) (L-R): HERA XIV crew members – Shelley Cazares, Paul Haugen, Reinhold Povilaitis, Richard Addante.

4) Entering the HERA capsule as they embark on their 45-day mission!

5) The door is sealed shut… see you guys in 45 days!!

Photo credit: Cami Svitenko


Ballard House Burger Bash

The Ballard House of Katy, a Cinco Charities Community, hosted its second annual Burger Bash fundraising event on Friday, July 28. The K-Train Cookers grilled up juicy, hot burgers and hot dogs for guests to enjoy. Board members were available to give tours of the facility and answer any questions about the program. Event volunteers included students from UH Downtown, completing service hours for their organization (FMA) and looking to better learn and understand the inner workings of charitable organizations. The Ballard House is a nonprofit residential facility providing free lodging for patients and families being treated in local hospitals. Most guests are cancer patients or awaiting transplants. Funds raised will help go towards families’ lodging expenses and future expansion. If all goes as planned, they hope to break ground on an additional facility this October that will be adjacent to the existing building.

Ballard-House-Burger-Bash1 Ballard-House-Burger-Bash2

1) (L-R): Ballard House board members: Kathy Alt, Executive Director; Dave Brown, Chairman; Priscilla Reynolds Pfaff, board member ; Chris Hiller, Treasurer; Brian Varvel, Vice Chairman; Pat Mahaffey, Secretary.

2) “The K-Train Cookers” : (very back): Robert Willeby and Bill Lacy, KISD Board of Trustees; (L-R): Cathy Porter, Will McCaffrey, Logan Aswad, Payton McCaffrey, Jessica McCaffrey, Sydney McCaffrey, Lacie McCaffrey, Lindsey Aswad, Anthony Aswad.

3) (L-R): Namesake of the Ballard House, Erin Ballard, with Randall Nunmaker.

4) (L-R): Kitchen volunteers: Kayla Smith, Kim Jung, Katie Lefevers, Judith Lefevers, Nediva Ruiz, Morgan Gordon, Zavior Dakers.

Photo credit: Michelle Anderson


Arc Of Katy Inaugural Top Golf Tourney

The Arc of Katy hosted its first annual golf tournament at Top Golf on Monday, July 31.With 16 teams and golf bays filled to capacity, it was a huge success! A variety of sponsorships included individuals, corporate, a local church and our school district. The Arc of Katy organization provides children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with programs, services and recreational activities such as day programs and summer camp for its participants (campers).

Arc-of-Katy-Inaugural-Top-Golf-Tourney1 Arc-of-Katy-Inaugural-Top-Golf-Tourney2 Arc-of-Katy-Inaugural-Top-Golf-Tourney3

1) Kingsland Baptist Church team (L-R): Robin Wymer, Brad Flurry, Terry Sowell, Josh Stewart, Curtis Lane and Ryan Cook.

2) (L-R): Donna Bode; Susan Bode, Arc of Katy camper; Karen Bell with Katy Area Economic Development Council (EDC); Wanda Christensen, Rick Ellis, Vice President at Katy EDC; Lars Gustafson

3) “The Golden Girls” KISD Special Education team (L-R): Audrey Bivens, Myrian Vasquez, Trish Reynolds, Rhonda Johnstone, Jeanne Coleman, Amy Campbell

4) (L-R) Fred and Patti Shafer, namesakes for KISD Shafer Elementary School; Marne Shafer; Kyle Shafer; Kelly Stroud; Chad Williamson.

5) The KBR team (L-R): Judy Clark, James Stallard, Kenneth Grajek, Parag Borkar, Jennifer Adams, Jerel Sachs ➝

6) (far back): Jon Laney; (middle row, L-R): Cherie Duddridge, Margarat Laney, Susan Gesoff, Glenn Gesoff, Carlie Gesoff, Michael Edwards; (very front): Katie Gesoff.

7) (back row, L-R): Steve Laney, Marco Villegas, Erica Villegas and Eden (front row): Miguel Luna, golf instructor; Betsy Cleland; Bethany Cleland; Anthony Picking.

8) The Katy ISD team (L-R): Jeff Stocks; Steve Robertson; Elaine Robertson; Vonda Washington; Dr. Lance Hindt, KISD Superintendent; Dawn Carlson-Scruggs.

9) (L-R): Corky Hillhouse; Christopher Williams; Margarat Laney, Arc of Katy President; Austin Hanson, Arc of Katy

camper; Cherie Duddridge; Greg Coop, YMCA District Executive Director.

10) Antonio Santana, Jose Dunlao, Jimmy Cook, Peter Abeyesinhe, Jennifer Adams, Kenneth Grajek.

11) (L-R): Diane Finch; Austin Hanson; Andy Wohagemuth, Community Coordinator with Bass Pro Shops; Kristie Ondracek; Darryl Ford; Miguel Luna.

12) The Xtreme Drilling team (L-R): Mary Stephens, Kristie Ondracek, Franchesca Arroyo, Shannon Theis, Melissa Muñoz.

13) Fred Shafer admiring a great shot.

14) (far back, L-R): Mike and Jeff Lattal; (middle row): Therese Lattal, Kim Carson, Haley Lattal, Lorin Lattal; (front row): Crew and Cambrie Carson

15) The Sewell Cadillac team (L-R): Eric Garcia; Jeremy Locke; Arc of Katy camper, Darryl Ford; Austin Alsguth; Ryan Burks.

16) KISD Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt takes a swing!

17) Current and former Arc of Katy Presidents (L-R): Mike Lattel; Chris Schaeffer, namesake for KISD Schaeffer ElementarySchool; Margarat Laney.

Photo credit: Michelle Anderson


Socially Speaking – Michelle Anderson September 2017

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