Socially Speaking – Michelle Anderson October 2017

| October 1, 2017

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Dear Readers,

I’ll have to be honest… this is bittersweet for me. As I scrolled through my photos in preparation to share with each of you, everything easily became dated as “pre-Harvey” and “post-Harvey.” Celebration in the form of parties and galas just didn’t feel right to highlight this month. Harvey’s footprint has become an historic event that forever changed our city. However, while the impact will be imprinted in our memories for a lifetime, so will the way our community stepped up to the call of duty by rolling up sleeves and extending open arms in many forms – rescue, shelter, food, donations, mucking. Houstonians were ready at a moment’s notice to help neighbor, friend and stranger. I couldn’t be more proud.

So, while some of the events below were celebrated “pre-Harvey” with smiles and cheer, I am also adding a “post-Harvey” event section highlighting many photos of volunteers that capture the spirit of just how amazing our community is. While there is still much work to be done, my hope is that we can pick up the pieces and sear into our hearts how fortunate we are to live in the great state of Texas. My prayers are with each of you impacted by Harvey.


Katy Summer Tailgate

With good food, cold beer and live music as a backdrop, Katy residents banded together to provide school supplies for local children at the fourth annual Katy Summer Tailgate. Matt Schomburg State Farm, No Label Brewing Co. and Mueller Pye CPA collaborated to raise more than $15,000 for the Katy YMCA’s Operation Backpack initiative, providing backpacks and supplies for students at 50 Katy ISD schools. The event collected 241 backpacks and over 4913 school supply items. Attendees were asked to bring school supplies, a donation or a backpack as their entrance fee to the event.




1) No Label Brewing Co. kickball team (L-R, back row): Carl Norberg, Jon Denman, Andy Andros, Taylor Nance, Logan Respess, Grant Jackson, Eric Wolffe, Cameron Garic; (L-R, front row): Lisa Norberg, Lora Nance, Jennifer Royo, Scott Elders.

2) (L-R): Heather Schomburg, Jim Lombardi, Stacy Lombardi, Todd Swaney, Jenny Swaney, Brian Synnott, Matt Schomburg.

3) (L-R): Katy Fire Chief Russell Wilson, Heather Schomburg, Jake Holloway

4) (L-R): Heather Schomburg and Jennifer Royo, owner of No Label Brewing Co.

5) (L-R): Miles Wright, Cydney Wright, Allison Wright and Keith Wright.

6) Event co-hosts Matt and Heather Schomburg.

7) (L-R): Heidi Park, Jennifer Royo, Michelle Summer, Molly Rogers, Kate Rogers.

8) (L-R): Heather Poosuthasee, Andy Poosuthasee, Nick Nolan, Kelly Nolan, Leslie Beltran, Joe Beltran.

9) The winning team from the Tailgate Kickball Tournament! (L-R, back row): Vince Heinz, Don Bishop, Al Martinez (behind trophy), Andres Hurtado, James Lawrence. (Second row): Chris Garcia, Kayce Reina, Brooks Herman, Jess Washburn. (First row): Kelley Martinez, Melissa Roberts, Stephanie Miles.

10) (L-R): Dr. Lance Hindt, KISD Superintendent; Julie Hinson, Morton Ranch HS principal; Bud Hinson; Heather Schomburg; Byron Hebert, City Administrator of Katy.

11) (L-R): Riggs Schomburg, Andrew Swaney, James Lombardi, Maverick Schomburg, “Roly the Clown”, Miller Schomburg, Cole Watne.

(Photo credit: Heather Schomburg)



Post-Harvey Healing And Helping Hands

Volunteers throughout our area jumped at the chance to help everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The most amazing and memorable part? While the need to help is enormous, the supply for volunteers was even greater. Local churches, shelters and other organizations even had to turn away volunteers and donations for a short period of time – overwhelmed at the response by our community in the first week post-disaster. As things settle and begin to get back to normal with school and work, please know that the rebuilding and clean-up efforts still continue – the process is a marathon, not a race, and will take some time. If you are looking for a way to help and get involved, please check with local organizations.

Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands1 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands2 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands3 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands4 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands5 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands6 Post-Harvey-Healing-and-Helping-Hands7

1) Parkway Fellowship Church created a triage communications center for all needs. Volunteers worked tirelessly to help those affected by the storm with a myriad of issues. (L-R): Lisa Kim, Barbara Anderson, Adam Arrington, Nancy Mixter, Michelle LeTulle, Joyce Ayres and Shelli Wright.

2) Even though they were waiting to hear if their own homes had been flooded, (left to right) Christine Chapman, Hetal Ivey and Kristi Poe jumped at the chance to volunteer at their church, Second Baptist 1463. You would never know their own worries by their sweet smiles captured in this photo as they handed out lunch to church volunteers who were busy sorting donations and supplies in preparation of the open food bank. Lunch was graciously donated by Center Court Pizza – one of many restaurants in Houston that supplied meals to a community in need.

3) Elks Lodge was a temporary home base for community members to provide meals to first responders, troops and flood victims. Dara Broussard (left) and Elysia Keeton were among those happy to help.

4) Elks Lodge volunteer coordinators Kristel Meadows, Dara Broussard and Jeny Schneider.

5) A smoky grill is fired up at Elks Lodge! (L-R:) Paul Guidry, Gerald Schneider, Kristel Meadows, Pedro Gaytan, Rex Harris, and Joey Broussard.

6) Jenny and Gerald Schneider helped out at the Elks Lodge.

7) Adorable helpers delivering meals included (from left) Titus, Karleigh and Ava Johnson, and Avery and Preston Goolsby.

8) Kaylee and Lillie Clark were among the young legs helping to transport meals.

9) (L-R): Alyssa DiGiorgio, Elly Hinojosa and Britney Bowie help flood victims shop for supplies at Second Baptist 1463’s campus, which provided a food bank to help with relief and recovery.

10) (L-R): Jacque Dillard, Mark Poe and U.S. Congressman Pete Olson sporting Second Baptist Church “Houston Strong” t-shirts.

11) Cambrie and Crew Carson had their arms full taking meals to a family that certainly appreciated them.

12) Elks Lodge volunteer grill masters T.J. Meadows and Joey Broussard.

13) The HPD police appreciated their smiling helpers: Aubrey, Mark, Blake and Avery Torrey, and Chad, Chloe and Brady Ringley.

14) Volunteers of all ages stepped up to help! (L-R): Addison Broussard, Brooke Matus and Ashton Hooks.

(Photo credits: Michelle Anderson, Amy Barker Richards)



Legacy Stadium Dedication!

Texas is pretty serious about football. That is no exception in Katy! On August 17, Katy ISD held its grand ribbon cutting ceremony and namesake dedication of Mike Johnston Field at Legacy Stadium. Coach Mike Johnston led the Katy High School football team as head coach for 21 years (from 1982-2003), helping grow the program to statewide recognition and bringing home 13 district titles, five state title appearances and three state championships. While football is the most recognized sport utilizing this shiny new stadium, with a total seating capacity of 12,000, other district-wide sports games, tournaments and programs are expected to keep the venue occupied throughout the year.

Legacy-Stadium-Dedication1 Legacy-Stadium-Dedication2 Legacy-Stadium-Dedication3 Legacy-Stadium-Dedication4 Legacy-Stadium-Dedication5

1) Katy ISD superintendent and board of trustees represented each high school throughout the district by wearing school spirit polos. (Front row, L-R): Courtney Doyle, KISD Board of Trustee VP; Coach Mike Johnston; Ashley Vann, KISD Board of Trustee President; Rebecca Fox, KISD Board of Trustee; and Ken Gregorski, KISD Deputy Superintendent. (Back row, L-R): Dr. Lance Hindt, KISD Superintendent; Bill Lacy, KISD Board of Trustee; George Scott, KISD Board of Trustee; Bryan Michalsky, KISD Board of Trustees.

2) Signed groundbreaking ceremony portrait of stadium project

3) Formal portrait dedication to Coach Mike Johnston. (L-R): Ashley Vann, Katy ISD Board of Trustee President; Michael Ouellette, KISD Executive Director of Fine Arts; Dr. Lance Hindt, KISD Superintendent; Debbie Decker, KISD Athletic Director; and Coach Mike Johnston.

4) Ann and OD Thompkins enjoying the opening ceremonies of Legacy Stadium!

5) (L-R): Diane Robicheaux Walker and Jenifer Stockdick (family member of recent namesake for Katy ISD Stockdick Junior High School)

6) Formal portrait of Coach Mike Johnston

7) (L-R): Dr. Lance Hindt, Katy ISD Superintendent; Robert Baugh; Tara Wilson; Jaimie and Ray Wolman, namesakes of KISD Wolman Elementary School.

8) (L-R): Members of Mike Johnston’s bible study class at First Baptist of Katy came to support their former teacher.

9) Former Katy High School football players under the leadership and tenure of Coach Mike Johnston, namesake of the new Katy ISD stadium field.

10) Students from various sports teams, cheerleaders, mascots, drill teams and more from all eight high schools around the district took turns giving performances for the special occasion.

11) Former Katy Mayor Don Elder with his wife, Ida Faye Elder.

12) (L-R): City of Katy Councilmen Gary Jones and Durran Dowdle; and Kaye Goolsby.

13) Ceremonial ribbon cutting with Larissa Plunto, Regional Director for U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul; Rebecca Fox, KISD Board of Trustees; and Texas State Rep. John Zerwas, M.D.

(Photo credit: Michelle Anderson)



Moms & Mimosas

It’s no secret that back-to-school routines were celebrated by many parents. While some hit the road running with full-time work schedules, others hit the town meeting up with friends – enjoying much-needed laughter over brunch and mimosas. In fact, it was standing room only at Local Table’s second annual “Moms and Mimosas” event that attracted many moms, district-wide.

Moms-and-Mimosas1 Moms-and-Mimosas2 Moms-and-Mimosas3

1) (first row, L-R): Lorna Blount, Amy Scholz, Marion Harris; (second row, L-R): Kelly Shaw, Jessica Huntoon, Kim Kelly, Jennifer Darling, Denise Geraci, Keri Sherman, Erin Silkenson; (third row, L-R): Stacey Gallas, Shelley Eastland, Stacy Lombardi, Lorie Hicks, Allisyn Decatur, Ashley Core, Tara Weatherwax, Heather Nordhaus, Mary Ellen Cuzela, Audrey Schlorholtz.

2) (L-R): Annette Pate, Lindsay Meeks, Tami Gilbert coordinated friends to join them at the “Moms and Mimosas” brunch at Local Table. These three ladies made the morning extra fun by the designing matching tanks that read “Mama needs a mimosa!”

3) (L-R): Dawn Ravesies, Courtney Hatten, Debra Ishaq, Lara Miller, Anita Deuel, and Kory Blum.

4) (L-R): Kisha Autmon, Sheri Czajkowski, Annette Pate, Lindsay Meeks, Rebecca Hollas, Tami Gilbert, Ali Johnk, Sherry Souders, Kina Cockroft, and Rita Yanniell.

5) (L-R): Melinda Robinson, Kate Olsen, Katie Nolte, Catherine Larson, Mandi Leary and Chantelle Fletcher kick off the school year by grabbing brunch at Dish Society in La Centerra.

(Photo credits: Michelle Anderson, Elizabeth Walker,

Annette Pate, Stacy Lombardi)



More Harvey Help: Leaving A Community Legacy

The Katy community had a tremendous impact on the troops stationed at Katy High School (the National Guard Command Post) during the rescue and recovery efforts that took place during Hurricane Harvey. Colonel Macleod, overseeing over 6,000 troops ranging from Corpus Christi to Orange, Texas, shared heartfelt stories with a small group of Katy community leaders pictured here on Sept. 5. While these local citizens wished to personally extend gratitude for the service and sacrifice of the troops, what they received in return was meant to be shared with each of you…THEIR gratitude for the citizens of Katy. From our school district to individuals that dropped off donations, our community went beyond the extra mile to help make their stay more pleasant. Col. Macleod went on to say that in the many collective years of shared service that filled the hallways of Katy High School, they have never received the outpouring of generosity like our community had given. Never. In the words of Col. Macleod, “When I retire, I’m moving to Katy.” This should make you all so proud to call Katy, Texas home. That is the type of legacy that makes all the difference.

More-Harvey-Help-Leaving-a-Community-Legacy1 More-Harvey-Help-Leaving-a-Community-Legacy2 More-Harvey-Help-Leaving-a-Community-Legacy3

1) Community leaders (l-r): Jason Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Lilly Faye Wisdom, Col. Macleod, Larissa Plunto, Major Josh Amstutz, Lewis White, Chakilla White, Liz Johnson, Dr. Charles Wisdom, Michelle Anderson and Rob Anderson.

2) (L-R): Lilly Faye Wisdom; Larissa Plunto, Regional Rep for U.S. Congressman Michael McCaul; Col. Macleod; Dr. Charles Wisdom of Second Baptist Church.

3) Southeast Texas Command Post inside Katy High School’s main library.

4) (L-R): Larissa Plunto, Fanny Jetton, Jacey Jetton, Jason Walker and Elizabeth Walker visit with troops over dinner.

5) A surreal photo of a member of the National Guard outside of Katy High School while stationed there during Harvey.

Photo credit: Michelle Anderson

Socially Speaking – Michelle Anderson October 2017

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