Refreshing Summer Cocktails

| August 1, 2014

When the days are long and the nights are hot, Harney & Sons Iced Tea is the perfect way to cool down. Add a few more ingredients and you have a unique and refreshing summer cocktail.

Harney & Sons Fine Teas created their Fresh Brew Iced Teas so tea drinkers could enjoy their favorite Harney blends iced. Thirty years ago, Harney & Sons founder John Harney learned about teas from his mentor, Stanley Mason. And Stanley, an Old-school British tea man, only wanted black teas and traditional blends. However, one day when Stanley was not looking, John began making delicious fruity blends. And when John was not looking, John’s two sons, Michael and Paul, made an iced tea. Today, Harney & Sons offers several Iced Tea Blends:  Black Currant, Organic Green w/Citrus & Ginkgo, Green with Coconut, Organic Plain (Black), Peach, Pomegranate Oolong, and Raspberry Herbal.

This summer, Harney & Sons puts a fresh twist on classic cocktails. These summer cocktails are great for entertaining or a quiet evening on the porch.


•   1.5 ounces vodka

•   1 teaspoon sugar

•   ½ ounce fresh lemon juice

•   1 cup of Harney & Sons Plain

(Black) Iced Tea

Mix vodka, sugar, and lemon juice in a tall glass. Fill glass with ice and fill with iced tea. Stir ingredients together and garnish with lemon.


Mix 1 oz. bourbon with 6oz. of Darjeeling Iced Tea. Add a splash of simple syrup

to taste and pour over rocks.


A light champagne cocktail with three layers of color that is as festive in the glass as delicious in your mouth! Try with the Peach tea for a fun twist. Bring 1/2 cup of water just to boil. Stir in tea leaves and sugar, steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain liquid into a small spouted measuring cup, pressing to extract liquid. Pour champagne into 6 flutes, then carefully pour 1 1/2 tablespoons of the chilled tea into each glass. Top with 2-3 raspberries.


•   2 ounces silver tequila

•   1ounce of Harney & Sons Organic Green w/ Citrus & Ginkgo Iced Tea

•   1 ounce of lime fresh lime juice

•   2 tablespoons light agave nectar

Mix ingredients and pour over ice.

Garnish with lime wedge and salt.


•   4 ounces champagne

•   2 ounces Harney & Sons Peach Iced Tea

•   1 ounce peach puree

Pour peach puree and iced tea into a chilled champagne flute. Slowly pour champagne over peach

mixture and enjoy.


Infuse 10 teaspoons of Dragon Pearl Jasmine into 750ml of a gin of your choice for 2+ hours. Mix in 1 part gin and5 parts Harney & Sons Lemonade and enjoy! A great twist on a traditional London Lemonade.



Refreshing Summer Cocktails

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