Reclaiming Homes, Reclaiming Lives

| January 1, 2018

Catrina Kidd works with her signature item, reclaimed wood.

Catrina Kidd works with her signature item, reclaimed wood.

Sugar Land Home and Garden Show welcomes star of  Texas Flip n’ Move, Catrina Kidd

By Mara Soloway

Catrina Kidd has an obvious flair for construction project planning and management. The Weatherford, Texas resident is a successful entrepreneur and construction business owner with a history of impressive projects. She is teamed up with Casey Hester on the DIY Network’s hit reality TV show Texas Flip n’ Move, remodeling homes that are bought, reworked and sold for a reasonable price. Her firm, Kidd-Wagner Construction, handles residential and commercial remodeling and construction from the ground up.

Fans of her efforts on the TV show know that Kidd is a big advocate of using re­claimed wood in her remodeling projects. Those viewers and others interested in reclaimed projects have the opportunity to see and hear Kidd in person at the Sugar Land Home and Garden Show, which will take place on Saturday, Jan. 27 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 28 from 10 a.m.-6 the Stafford Centre. Kidd will give two presentations each day, at noon and 2 p.m.

She plans to discuss her work on Texas Flip n’ Move and market trends, including one of the biggest trends: the idea of what is old is new again, especially with the use of reclaimed wood. “Using reclaimed wood in remodeling projects is really big, whether you do it yourself or use a contractor,” Kidd says. As part of her demonstrations, she will show how to make new lumber look old using common ingredients — a useful concept considering that old wood that can be reclaimed is getting more difficult to come by and therefore more expensive than ever.

“For years I have been able to call people who collect scrap lumber and say, ‘I need some shiplap’ or ‘I need oak plank,’ and they would have it. Now those resources are  being depleted and anyone who has some is selling it for $2-8 a linear foot depending on its condition.”

Kidd has several ways to get around that expense. “A lot of people’s houses I work in have gorgeous hardwood floors with sections that are so damaged that replacing them is too expensive to be feasible. So instead of covering them up,  I will pull the wood and then use on another project. I might make a wall features with it.”

Shiplap is another popular item that might have been thrown away in the past, but thanks to its popularity that Kidd credits to Chip and Joanna Gaines, it is now salvaged and saved for use in the future.

“Things may not work in one space but they will in another. Think about old windows — at places like flea markets, Canton trade days and First Mondays, people are selling original paned windows with no glass for $20 apiece because they’re cool to hang on the wall or do something else with. A window doesn’t have to be a window. It can be a piece of art hanging on the wall.”

Kidd has become successful at working in a stereotypically man’s world, earning respect as people learn that she has the expertise and is confident in her abilities. “For me, the good thing is I have great partners, on the show, in my personal business and with my family. That really gives me the ability to have focus without leaving anything behind. Everybody says it takes a village — it’s true for me everyday.”

Kidd’s many years of construction experience help her in crafting a project’s framework as she sees a dilapidated house for the first time. Her sense of what she doesn’t like leads her to discover what will work to make it new again. A project’s budget is one of the most important considerations. “You can dream big when you first see a space to be remodeled. But you have to think about budget and work with what you have to give it potential,” she says. Part of what helps the budget is her creative reuse of materials.

Working on Texas Flip n’ Move, which is filming its eighth season, is giving Kidd great experience. “They want us to try to do something different so it’s really made me do things that I probably would never have done. Now I have ability to broaden out and make a contemporary or a farmhouse design and other styles because I’ve had to for the show.”

One of the aspects of Texas Flip n’ Move Kidd appreciates the most is the symbolism of reclamation: of reclaiming wood from old houses and reclaiming the houses themselves, and creating homes that sell for reasonable prices.

“We’re taking houses that are going to be demolished and sent to the landfill if somebody doesn’t buy them and move off that property. We’re reclaiming these homes,” she said.

“We’re outputting affordable housing that allows people to reclaim their lives. People are able to purchase homes who may not have been able to purchase a home at all. That’s definitely a huge accomplishment.


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