Missouri City’s Country Star Savannah Berry

| January 1, 2016

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Talented Savannah Berry Is Finding Success In Her Music Career

By Michelle Johnson

Savannah Berry was introduced to the world when she took a spot on Blake Shelton’s team on season four of The Voice. According to Savannah, not only was this a great experience, but definitely a “wow” moment. “I got a tweet directly from Kelly Clarkson after my blind audition aired. Her tweet was to Adam Levine saying, ‘sorry Adam, but Blake is going to win with Savannah. Go Savannah!’ She was my first inspiration as an artist, so knowing that she watched my performance and was rooting for me was absolutely amazing.”

Now 20, Savannah was only 15 when she was selected to perform a video duet with Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of the band Sugarland as a promotion for the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards show. Since that time, she has worked with Kristian on several projects.

Savannah and Kristian got together in Nashville at Blackbird Studios, owned by Martina McBride, to record Savannah’s Christmas song, Silent Night Without You, which she wrote as a tribute to military families that were separated during the holidays. All of the net proceeds went to Armed Services YMCA, which supports military families during the holidays by providing travel for those who cannot make it home for the holidays, along with gift baskets of food and toys. Savannah traveled to military bases that Christmas performing her new song. “My favorite part of performing at the bases was being able to witness people, especially the wives of the men who were currently deployed, truly connect to my song,” she said. “Knowing that this song actually meant something so real to them is one of the most rewarding feelings, because in the end, this song was for them.”

During the recording session in Nashville, Savannah and Kristian wrote a new song together, I Should Have Known. “We wrote the song from beginning to end in one day. Once the session was over, we both looked at each other and knew we had something special. It was written more as a reflection of the time in your life when you really do think to yourself, ‘I Should Have Known.’ ” Savannah and Kristian performed the song together for the first time at the Mucky Duck in Houston.

Savannah was busy this past year with her Texas on Tour concert series. She also appeared as a solo artist at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville in June. “I loved how excited the audience was about hearing live music. It was especially fun to see them light up when I sang a classic country song, Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette,” she said.

Some people feel that everything you do in life leads you to where you are supposed to be. Savannah realized this in 2015 when she was named Durango Boots Sole Performer 2015. The award is presented annually via a contest by which musicians submit a video of themselves singing an original song. According to Savannah, “My dad and I stay on the lookout for any sort of opportunity, especially those involving videos and online entry. We happened to stumble across it and figured it was a perfect contest to enter.”

Savannah chose to enter I Should Have Known. “I felt so proud of that song. I feel like it’s a reflection of how far I’ve come. I felt like the connection between Kristian and me was captured very well in the video. It was 100 percent real and a full live take.” After sending the video to the contest, the finalist were announced. In October 2014, Savannah learned that she had been chosen as the winner. “I was at home when I got the call. I was not expecting to be told that I won. So when I heard the words, ‘congratulations, you are the winner,’ my response was ‘Oh cool . . . . Wait . . . What?’ ”

Winning the contest was a dream come true for Savannah. Not only did she win great prizes, but had the opportunity to travel to Nashville and attend songwriting sessions with a Carnival Music staff writer, Stephanie Lambring. “I’ve gained more knowledge and received great advice. I had the chance to share my music and stories. This whole contest experience has given me even more inspiration towards my song writing,” Savannah said.

She’s excited about her upcoming album, which should be released in 2016. “I believe my style is really going to show through with my next record,” she said. Find out more about Savannah and her music at Savannahberrymusic.com and through her social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Her music is also available on iTunes.

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Missouri City’s Country Star

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