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| September 1, 2017

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JR Custom is unfortunately greatly experienced in helping victims of natural disasters. In 2008, we were integral in the rebuilding of many homes and businesses in South Texas following Ike’s devastation. We like to believe that we were more integral in rebuilding lives and felt truly fortunate to help those in need.

With over 21 years of design and construction experience, JR Custom has changed the ordinary to extraordinary. Combining a talented team of craftsman, experienced tradesman, project leaders and visionary designers has enabled the company to produce some of the finest residential and commercial projects in Texas. Our diverse project designs and sizes have also enabled us to provide the highest quality materials at the lowest prices from some of Texas’ leading vendors.

We understand firsthand the challenges of starting over and offer our clients a unique approach. Our services include the following:

  • Client On-site Review and Rebuild Budget
  • Architectural Plans (If needed)
  • Client Rebuild Design Consultation
  • Client Interior Design Consultation
  • Client Landscape Design Consultation
  • Finish Product Selections (Flooring, Cabinetry, Paint, Tiles, Stones, Millwork, etc.)
  • Finish Product Vendor Sources
  • Demolition Team
  • Mold Treatment/Cleaning Services
  • On-site Construction Management
  • Project Completion Overview

We hope that you will consider JR Custom for your project and we pray that you will have a successful journey to reclaiming all that you have lost.

With our sincerest thoughts and prayers,
Jason Romano


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