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| February 1, 2018

Havwoods USA 2025 Relik Reclaimed Barn Oak.

Havwoods USA 2025 Relik Reclaimed Barn Oak.

Real and fabricated materials can give your home this vintage look

Watch any remodeling program on the home improvement networks and you’ll see flooring with a lived-in look being placed in new and remodeled homes. Everything old is new again. Whether you call it distressed or reclaimed, the look of this flooring evokes rustic farmhomes and stately vintage houses built with real wood flooring. This is a look that homeowners can recreate with a range of products that are ideal for our modern homes.

Real reclaimed wood is defined as being recycled from its original use, from structures such as an old home, barn or warehouses. The wood can also come from pallets and decking and even from more unusual items such as wine barrels.

Reclaimed wood planks have numerous good qualities. Some homeowners appreciate the sustainable, eco-friendly aspect of reusing wood rather than cutting down more trees. The aged and imperfect appearance is also part of its charm. Boards from old-growth trees offer a solid surface that wears well and can be sanded without damage.

However, original reclaimed flooring has some downsides, including the legitimacy of claims dealers might make about the source of their products, pests, and the possibility of toxins that the lumber may have been treated with.

Additionally, because of its popularity, reclaimed wood is getting more difficult to come by and therefore is more expensive than ever. Fortunately for homeowners, the reclaimed wood look can be recreated with many options that are readily available, including synthetic products. Many flooring brands offer a wide range of attractive reclaimed designs to help you carry out your interior design ideas.

Wood flooring is available as hardwood and engineered wood; these are available in different plank widths. New wood planks can be stained in a range of colors and scraped to give the look of original reclaimed wood flooring.

Also available are a range of products fabricated from synthetic materials such as laminate and printed vinyl that are made to look like vintage wood. Numerous major floor retailers that are available locally offer flooring that captures the nature of reclaimed, weathered wood.

Wood Flooring

The hand-selected designs of Armstrong Flooring’s Woodland Relics collection feature a mix of species, widths and various staining, sanding and woodworking techniques that showcase textures and tones. The palest tones come with Sea Sand Sky. Industrial Tones has a variety of light and dark. Vintage Revival and Olde Woods come in rich, dark browns, with Storied Farmhouse even darker brown.

Another premier engineered hardwood collection is EPIC Plus from Shaw Floors. EPIC Plus is one of the most sustainable engineered flooring products on the market, using approximately 50 percent less newly harvested wood than conventional 3/8-inch engineered flooring. It is made in the USA with wood harvested from well-managed forests. EPIC Plus comes in 27 styles that each have numerous stain color options.

Havwoods USA is an online distributor with delivery usually made in seven days. Its line of reclaimed timber engineered into boards includes the Relik collection, which provides a space with a modern, yet aged look.

Reclaimed Barn Oak Rustic Grade 2025 hardwood floors are available with a matching set of barn doors in 12 different finishes.

The company’s Relik Reclaimed Pine 2155 is another option with a stripping pattern that shows the beauty of the reclaimed woods used in the collection.

Reclaimed Organic Painted Pine 2210 is sourced from across the world and offers a “wow” factor with painted finishes on the pine engineered wood that comes in many different colors from light hues to dark.

Modern Vinyl

Thanks to advances in printing technologies, vinyl can be made to look like anything from knitted cables to Moroccan tile with an extraordinary degree of realism. Manufacturer Atrafloor’s Faux Effect Vinyl Flooring has several options that have the picture-perfect look of reclaimed and aged wood.

Driftwood has the weathered, gray look of its namesake. Galleon has the rich reddish-brown tones of a sailing vessel that have deepened with age. Park has a parquet pattern in shades of light red.

Laminate Options

Laminate flooring can also replicate reclaimed hardwood with the look and feel of weathered surfaces, varied plank widths and various wood species. EZ Floors, a Houston-area flooring retailer that serves most of Texas, offers flooring available from Houston distributors to better service its customers. Mohawk offers Reclaimed Chic and Rare Vintage among others, and Quick Step also has numerous pine-, oak- and hickory-look laminates. Other laminate options from EZ Floors are from Mannington, Southern Traditions, Lawson and Nature Sort.

The look of authentic aged timber is not only visually inspiring but breathes new life to contemporary homes.


Armstrong Flooring’s Woodland Relics with the look of mixed species.


Armstrong Flooring’s Woodland Relics with the look of mixed species.


Vintage Revival from Armstrong Flooring.


Shaw’s Sequoia Mixed-width Hickory.

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