Dr Peter Chang

| January 1, 2014


Dr. Peter Chang and staff focus on improving each patient’s confidence, quality of life and personal desires. They specialize exclusively in all cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures: breast augmentations; breast lifts and reductions; tummy tucks (Timeless Tuck); liposuction; arm, eyelid, face, chin, brow and neck lifts; labiaplasty; Rhinoplasty; dimple creation (Timeless Dimple); Botox and fillers. Call to schedule a FREE consultation with a compassionate, experienced cosmetic surgeon. Visit the website for patient testimonials.

1327 Lake Pointe Pkwy, Ste. 300, Sugar Land

281-242-TIME (8463)  TimelessPlasticSurgery.com

Category: Katy Medical Professionals

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