| February 1, 2011

Eurotrend Decor

Designed by Colzani the unexpected curved lines of Kiko are eye-catching and transform it from a coffee table to stool. Made in plywood of canaletta walnut Kiko is also available with a removable cushion in the fabrics of the collection, Com or COL.


Kobo eReader

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving all year? Kobo allows you to read your books on more devices than any other eBook offering (especially the Kindle, which only works in the Amazon ecosystem). The affordable and stylish Kobo comes in three colors, features a quilted back and can hold up to 5000 eBooks. It’s simple to use and lighter and faster than the Kindle! Available at Borders US and Walmart or online.


Alexander Daas’s “Eye Do” Sunglasses are

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

These sunglasses are the perfect romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. The designer has been working with celebrities for years and has mastered the art of eyewear shapes. The luxury frames, available for both men and women, are $399 each and are made of the highest quality Japanese zyl and feature European hinges.


Artisan Leather Ipad™ Pocket

A handsome way to protect your iPad™ from scratches and damage, our artisan-crafted cover is tailored by hand from supple leather with a window that offers easy access to the touchpad. The vegetable-tanned leather gets its antiqued chestnut hue from bark and leaf pigments, which infuse the hide with rich color while preserving the tones and textures that make each piece one of a kind.


MacKenzie-Childs Home Fragrance

The Greenhouse Home Fragrance Collection, new this winter from MacKenzie-Childs, is a combination of rosemary, lavender and bergamot. Both relaxing and soothing, the fragrance will transport you to a fragrant herb garden.

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