Bush High School Senior Earns Wendy’s Heisman Award

| March 1, 2016

(L-R) Sisters Iman and India Lloyd play together on the Bush High School girls varsity basketball team.

(L-R) Sisters Iman and India Lloyd play together on the Bush High School girls varsity basketball team.


By Mara Soloway

Off the basketball court, Bush High School senior India Lloyd has a gracious, engaging manner with fast speech fueled by iced chai lattes. On the court, the point guard for the girls varsity team keeps a level head despite the pressures of the position with its constant action and decision-making. What’s the best approach based on what kind of defense the other team is playing? Should she drive to the basket, take a jump shot or pass the ball?  How can she set up a play so a teammate can score? It’s a lot of responsibility for this athletic 18-year-old who has been playing the game since fifth grade, but she takes it in stride. “The team at Bush has gone through many ups and downs, but we’ve always stayed together and come out on top,” she said. “I’m proud of us.”

Others take pride in her and in the team, including Kimberly Smallwood, whose athletic duties include being head girls basketball coach. “India is the type of student and athlete that I wish everyone on my teams and in my program would emulate. She has spent numerous hours on her own practicing over and above what was expected as a team member. The extra time she has spent working on perfecting her technique is evident in her accomplishments,” Smallwood said.

India doesn’t just excel on the basketball court. In December, she received recognition for her leadership on the team and for her academic achievements and her community service with School Winner recognition in the Wendy’s High School Heisman award program. The program credits students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better, are leaders in their schools and community, and perform in sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee or the National Federation of State High School Association.

Throughout school, she has received other academic and athletic awards and honorable mentions. Her grade point average puts her in the top 3.1 percent of the 525 graduating seniors at Bush. She is a member of the National Honor Society, DECA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is enrolled in the International Business and Marketing Academy, which, along with basketball, is why she chose to go to Bush.

India is also active in several community service organizations, including mission projects through her church, Sugar Land Baptist. Her eagerness to serve is inspired by hers and her family’s experience of praying for and helping the homeless under the Pierce Elevated in Downtown Houston, which really affected India. “I think it was the greatest experience of God showing me what He can do. I don’t know how I could live life without serving. Now I understand why Jesus did it all his life.”

Her parents Earl and Michelle Lloyd can credit their hands-on parenting style that has given India and her sisters Iman, 15, and Ivonna, 8, educational stimulus outside of the classroom and athletic opportunities such as gymnastics, tennis, softball, soccer and swimming from a young age.

“It’s really my parents who keep me motivated and well rounded. They’ve always told me to strive for greatness. They’ve kept me in church, which is key to all my success, to have a relationship with God,” she stated. “I’ve been around inspirational teachers and supporters at school, too, which is great. I’m blessed. I love that I have this opportunity.”

Michelle noted that “India has remained humble despite her accomplishments because she is biblically literate and, paraphrasing John 15:4, she realizes that ‘nothing’ she has done or can do is from her own strength.”

Younger sister Iman is also quite accomplished. She’s on the girls varsity team with India and also is an excellent student. They have different personalities but a very close relationship, and Iman looks to India for advice. “I see India as a role model. She has taught me the importance of honesty and determination,” Iman said. India credits Iman’s more outgoing personality with taking her out of her comfort zone.

The extracurricular math lessons their dad has provided and a career suggestion by her ninth-grade geometry teacher spurred India’s interest in pursuing a career in electrical engineering. She plans to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and business and eventually open her own firm some day.

“The way the world’s evolving with all the technology is amazing to me – I want to be a part of that.”

While this career path will take a great amount of sacrifice and hard work, she fortunately has mastered those skills, with years spent waking at 4 a.m. to go to the gym, playing basketball in AAU summer leagues and other personal efforts.

“With the knowledge and skills I have from school owning my own business, I plan to travel to Third World countries and give people the resources that they don’t have here,” India said.

“I plan to make a difference.”

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