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| May 1, 2010

Women Specializing in the Fertility Care of Women
Houston Fertility Center
The Houston Fertility Center is Houston’s premier fertility practice where “Women specialize in the fertility care of Women.” They offer not only the most technical and advanced fertility treatments, but also the extra special combination of their highly skilled services with the warm and compassionate care provided by their female staff. Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is one of few infertility specialists in the Houston area who is double board certified; specifically board certified in the field of infertility. To begin your fertility journey at one of their three convenient greater Houston locations, please phone them at (713) Call-DrK (225-5375) or visit their Web site at today.
Houston: 9055 Katy Freeway, Suite 450
Sugar Land: 3525 Town Center Blvd., South
North Houston: 455 School St., Suite 29

Shoulder Pain
Steven E. Nolan, M.D.
Does nagging shoulder pain affect your golf or tennis game? Does it ache when you are working out or keep you awake at night? More than likely, it is not going to go away on its own and trying to “push through” the pain may even worsen the situation.
Shoulder pain can result from injuries or overuse. Rotator cuff injuries are very common and start to occur and increase in the fourth and fifth decades of life. Many people will lose their range of motion due to these injuries.
The best way to take care of shoulder pain is to see a board certified orthopedic surgeon. A physical exam followed by an MRI is the most accurate way to diagnose the problem. Treatment plans will vary but may include medications, injections, physical therapy and possibly surgery. The advances in arthroscopic surgery are amazing and not only will alleviate the problem but will allow for a quick recovery and return to favorite sports and activities.
Dr. Steven E. Nolan is a fellowship trained, board certified orthopedic surgeon with the Fondren Orthopedic group and is highly skilled in arthroscopic surgery.
14861 Southwest Freeway, Suite C-302, Sugar Land; 281-340-1234.

Catering to the Clients’ Individual Needs
ESN Health
The Mayo Clinic states, “The merits of exercise—from preventing chronic health conditions to boosting confidence and self- es­teem—are hard to ignore.” At ESN Health they offer one-on-one personal training in individualized private training suites. Their approach to fitness allows each trainer to cater to their clients’ individual needs, resulting in improved personal health and increased vitality.
22756 Westheimer Pkwy., Suite 160,
Katy; 281-395-0827.

Join The Club, Lose The Weight Before Summer!
Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa
Have you tried and tried again to lose weight only to find that you don’t lose the weight you want or you gain it all back?
Instead of feeling frustrated, consider Dr. Shel’s hcG diet protocol. It is a comprehensive medical and nutritional weight loss and weight maintenance program that helps to utilize your stored body fat and turn it into energy without losing valuable lean muscle mass. It’s proven to help patients loose 20-30 pounds in just one month!
At Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa they promote total lifestyle enhancements to help you achieve and maintain your goals. Not only will you lose your desired weight, you will notice increased energy, improved sleep, fewer cravings, and a healthier happier lifestyle as a result of: eating a “clean” diet, special weight loss injections, and nutritional counseling.
Forget the hype and the flashy, false promises. Start today to being your total body
Call now to schedule your complimentary wellness consultation: 281-313-Shel (7435).

Treat the Whole Body
The Healing Center
The Healing Center advocates treating the whole person, not just the symptom. There are six Interferences to Health: Structural Interference, Nutritional Deficiency, Allergies/Sensitivities, Emotional Stress, Toxicity Levels, and Electrical Pollution. All of these can affect the heart.
The body’s natural state is wellness, unless there is interference. The key to health is to remove the six Interferences to Health. Standard medical treatment focuses on Crisis Care. It is very important to not merely look at the symptoms, but to identify and correct the six Interferences, thus reversing the cause of the problem and then work to prevent further problems from occurring.
Medication usually does not and cannot re­move the interference. Even if organs and glands can be removed with surgery, the cause can still remain. In order to remove the six interferences, it must be determined which one of the six should be addressed and the best methods of correction.
Call 281-647-7703 for your Healthy Heart Evaluation or visit www.thehealingcenterkaty@­ The cost of this is $49 and includes the doctor’s evaluation, a full body massage and the ionic detox cleanse.

Grounded in Faith. Driven by Technology
CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital
CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital is a full service hospital offering comprehensive medical and surgical care. The hospital offers the only Comprehensive Heart Program in Katy, providing comprehensive cardiovascular services ranging from diagnostic procedures to open heart surgery, all under one roof. CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital was recently recognized by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons as offering the very best in cancer care. When it comes to cancer services, depend on CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital to provide the cancer services you need, when you need it and where you need it.
701 S. Fry Rd. (just south of I-10);
Katy 77450; 281-599-5700.

Your Dream of Building a Family Will Come True
Cooper Institute For Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Cooper Institute for Advanced Reproductive Medicine offers the cutting edge of infertility treatment, including in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic injection of sperm (ICSI), testicular aspiration of sperms (TESE), and has achieved among the highest pregnancy rates. C. James Chuong, M.D., a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, is the Medical Director and Dr. Lynn Farmer is the IVF Coordinator. Cooper provides the highest level of quality control in embryology laboratories supervised by Dr. Li-Wen Yang, a highly regarded senior embryologist. Recent addition of preimplantation genetics diagnosis (PGD) service allows the embryos to be tested for genetic problems before the pregnancy begins. As its sister facility in New Jersey ( led by Dr. J.H. Check, a renowned infertility specialist, Cooper specializes in patients with advanced age and high FSH. Cooper has developed a reasonable cost approach for its IVF services. If the patient is willing to donate one-half of the eggs from retrieval procedures, an extremely low cost cycle can be arranged as most charges will be paid by those who receive the eggs.
To discover how Dr. Chuong can make your dream come true, visit
Houston: 6624 Fannin St., Ste. 1710;
7500 Beechnut St., Ste. 308
Sugar Land: 16651 Southwest Frwy., Ste. 200.

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